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25 August 2023 @ 10:59 pm
So I have decided.........

 Actually im very nice about adding people ill add anyone :3 Just add mahhh and you can SEE THE DOWNLOADS! :3!!

-you love the same things i do!
-if you plan to comment - I hate it when ppl add me and steal my downloads and dont say thank you :(

comment here please ahahah
06 December 2011 @ 01:21 am

Apparently Baroque is back together?! OMG 

27 December 2009 @ 02:11 pm

I'm not gunna lie The only updates I check for these days is for Kei and Kannivalism hahahah.! Ive been so busy lately im rarely even on the computer i think i should post more to keep up with events in my life hahaha. But Kei has a cute PV out he looks so glamourous~~!!! I love it~!!!

27 December 2009 @ 02:04 pm

What a wonderful thing!!!

04 July 2009 @ 10:10 am

Yes, Back in America, Where life begins.....where San Francisco is within driving distance, where the sun always shines, 24/7 sunglass weather. A place I once loved and always will. But also A Place that creates an Atmosphere of stress, along with worry, and heart ache. Hearing that "Welcome to SF" Announcement was one of the best feelings, but also one of the saddeest. Leaving Germany made me see how much I learned and how much I really did like Germany, and how much I will miss it and all of my friends. It was a great experience for me but also one tht didnt change me enough!

I still Love William. I can't make that go away, I wish someone would cure me of that sickness because I shouldnt love him even though I do. I couldnt tell you why either. Just the feeling I get when I'm with him. Even though thats not that often i should say.

I NEED A JOB *FALLS OVER*  I'm never going to be able to pay for college without one @_@ thanks financial crisis you are making this hard T_T.  Sorry I haven't updated in the past month I was actually wiritng a long story and never got around to finishing it..... I think its time to change the layout but i really like it and when i create something pretty its hard to do it again. XD well how is everybody now that im back I'm not sure what to do with my life and thats clear to my parents too we all stress over me @_@ 

Help me lol

29 April 2009 @ 11:05 pm

So for me and my host families two week break we went to Italy for 10 days!!~~ Italy is completely beautiful! I love it there Im glad I chose that place. I couldnt believe my host mom and sister kept telling me it was ugly all the way through the trip. It Was an unbelieivable concept I couldnt process!!! :O There is no way this country is ugly it is one of the most baeutiful I've seen and I love the houses there :) 

someones front yard xD i couldnt help but take a picture of it~~ <3

lol the famous leaning tower of pisa and ime making it straight again.....lol about 50 people were that day behind me doing the same thing

basically all of Italy and its roads are mountains, and more mountains and more mountains and more mountains and more...and i think you get the picture lol i was feeling so sick riding in the motor home half the time because 1.i was sitting in the opposite direction we were driving and 2. THE MOUNTAINS!


IN THE TOWN OF LUCCA :D the bells rang so godamn loud without warning lol
29 April 2009 @ 10:22 pm


The day was really nice  me and my host brother,sister and host sister boyfriend walked around all of paris taking pictures and stuff. We were totally late for the bus and had no idea where to meet everybody so what do you do? Call kate ofcourse hahha she knows everything . :D 

Anyway I bought some gifts for my family and walked around paris for the day :D


We went to starbux in the end lol  i think i should try starbux in ever country so far it all taste the same :D

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14 March 2009 @ 02:46 pm
I'm not even going to lie like German men are so much hotter than the average American guy hahaha, and I have been taking advantage of that feature! XDD

Soo Yesterday I was in a Disco ( club) and I met this Guy named Robin. (his name makes me LOL but anyway)  I told him I came from California and we started chatting for a while but he kept pulling the most random lame dance moves xD It was fantastic seeing him TRY to dance hahaha. then he yelled in my ear "ICH KANN NICHT TANZEN!!!!!" (I CANT DANCE!)  lol i was like "i cant either!!!" but we gave our efforts in the crowded room. Then after I asked him his hobbies and he told me he was in a band (btw he was wearing a scarf it was so adorible) .

Towards the end he said something really dorky i almost died xDD : "ME AND MY FRIEND CAME HERE TO TALK AND PICK UP GIRLS.........BUT ITS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS..." and his head fell in dissappointment hahahaha. xD I told him its hard for girls to and he sholdnt be afraid to talk to girls. He had the cutest accent too :3 best than most it made me melt~~~ I complimented him and he was all like "DAAAANKEEE~~~~" it was adorible :3 *dies* 

Sadly enough I had to go shortly after sooo not wanting to!!!! But i gave him a Kiss on the cheek for his efforts hahaha and I was on my way :D 

I'm so more confident here guys are no way near as shallow as they are in America haha. Plus the advantage of me coming from America is on my side xD   Robin was adorible though I love meeting random people!!! Its so fun :3 it makes me want to go to clubs more often because I dont this was only the second time :/ and I'm leaving in 3 months and 11 days!! :0 I sooo want to come back :)  
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03 March 2009 @ 10:28 am

omg omg tomorrow I have to take a Test for SF state and I'm so not looking forward to it! T___T I'm kinda scared about my english since I have been speaking German lately....The problem with that is my german isnt even good! So if i cant speak English or german correctly then what can I speak?! 

Wahh...... I feel so stressed lately and I get feelings sometimes like my host mom really might not like me and it makes me sad.... I mean they say im always slow and stuff and that they dont know how I will work in the real world. Ok so I'm slow.....and? I'm sorry every one has there negatives that just so happens to be mine. And I like sleep. I can't help that either. I mean what exactly do they want me to do about it?

I dont want them to hate me because I really like them. But I know my slowness bothers them.....and it makes me *sad face* .

So last week I was in Weimar with the other exchange students. That was ok but some were getting on my nerves.....*ahem* but we went to a 3-D movie BOLT!! Omg that was a really good movie!!!! And I understood all of it i was like "yay go me* hahaha

here is a crafty picture of me and Bri-Ann in 3-D glasses. haha.

07 February 2009 @ 04:36 pm

talk ^^

New Photo :) 

I wish I had the strength to be her again :( Its a lot harder than people think until they have been in the same situation.....:(
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